The GSK Carbon Neutral Laboratories

The Silvi Research Group is hosted at the GSK Carbon Neutral Laboratories, one of the top technology research centers in the UK.

Located on the University of Nottingham’s new University Campus, the Jubilee Park, the GSK Carbon Neutral Laboratories building provides unrivalled facilities for chemistry. For our research we routinely use high technology analytical techniques such as NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, chromatography (HPLC, GC), cyclic voltammetry, spectrophotometry, fluorescence etc. to characterise our compounds, study their properties and perform mechanistic analysis.

Our target of discovering more sustainable chemical technology is reflected in the building itself, which incorporates the latest technologies to allow it to be carbon-neutral over its lifetime.

The laboratory is built from natural materials and energy required to run the laboratory is met by renewable sources such as solar power and sustainable biomass. Excess energy created by the building provides enough carbon credits over 25 years to pay back the carbon used in its construction.