Our target is to unveil new sustainable methodologies in organic chemistry to access new powerful molecular structures with valuable properties.

Chemistry surrounds us: medicines, materials, tensioactives, agrochemicals…
Our main target is to explore new chemical space to discover interesting molecules harbouring novel properties for exploitation.
To access these new structures, we harness modern tools of organic chemistry (i.e. asymmetric catalysis, photoredox catalysis, radical chemistry) seeking new exciting organic reactivity.

We are currently working on exciting projects involving the development of novel visible-light driven processes that allow the generation of reactive radical species under remarkably mild conditions. The reactive species generated undergo a rich chemical reactivity, and can be exploited for the functional group-tolerant chemical modification of complex organic molecules and the synthesis of novel powerful bioactive molecules for the design of the pharmaceuticals of tomorrow.
Visible light is a clean, inexhaustible and ubiquitous form of energy that remains largely underused to-date. We believe that the chemical methodologies that we are studying in our laboratory will contribute to demonstrate how this sustainable form of energy could be harnessed to discover novel compounds with applications in various fields, including medicinal chemistry.